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Harvested Foods

Wild Rice Soups


Our best seller, Cream of Wild Rice. Put on some socks, grab a good book and curl up with a warm creamy bowl of Wild Rice soup. True Comfort food.

Wild Rice and Asparagus. Delight your taste buds and fill your stomach with the delectable and delicious tastes of Wild Rice and Asparagus.

Wild Rice Potato and Leek soup. Relax and warm your senses with this full- bodied flavor of wild Rice and Delicious Root Vegetables. 

Wild Rice Vegetable. Create a delectable taste with this whole- some vegetable medley of mushrooms, peppers, leeks, celery and tomatoes.

Wild Rice Tomato. You wont be able to stop eating this extra hearty and zesty Tomato soup with our 100% hand Harvested wild rice.

Wild Rice Cranberry Pilaf. The gentle sweetness of our cranberries compliments our fluffy wild rice pilaf for a flavored northwoods variation on this Mediterranean flavor.






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