Mino Akiing

Welcome to out online store. We have good land, the lakes are plentiful and the forests stand strong. We are upgrading our website, and unable to process orders online but please see a sneak peek of our products we offer. 


Miijim / Food

What you and why…. We know as consumers you have a lot of choices.  We know we are not the least expensive and we do not have everything you may need or want.

We know that we are very good at what we do and in buying our products you are supporting a community that is making a difference, not only in determining our destiny but in creating a model of sustainable, culturally based and respectful community restoration.    We are making a future based on considering the seventh generation and we hope you join us.

Mino Akiing– we have good land, the lakes are plentiful and the forests stand strong. 

Taste our lakes and join us in honoring the food given to us by the creator.

Crafts / Anokaajigan 

Art is an expression of a people’s life and understanding. Nearly all of the Native Harvest crafts are the work of our own White Earth tribal members, a few others are made by neighboring tribes. Down to the detail of fathering wiigwas, the birch bark from our trees. We put care into our art, and into preserving our forests for the birch bark artisans to come.

We also work to pass all of the artistic traditions on to our younger generations: Insuring the continuity of that which is unique about being Anishinaabeg. 

We are proud to present and offer to you our peoples art. 

We also offer Books and Media / Mazina’igan.


(Note we are upgrading our website .. ordering will be live shortly)